Cherish Is The Word

Here they are, my studio mates, muses and (sometimes) helpers.

Tashi is calm, serene, unflappable – a bodhisattva. She can sleep through anything, undisturbed by loud noises and chaotic activity (very little of that in our house, except what is generated by my other studio mate, Sandy B). She is the sage, wise at the routines of our household and the comings and goings of my husband and I. When I meditate, she is there by my side.

Sandy B, on the other hand, is wild, rambunctious and almost meteoric as he rockets through the house. He races from front door to back door in an instant, anxious not to miss anything or an opportunity to try to scurry out into the forbidden zone of the front garden. In all his glorious 13+ pounds, he is louder by far than either my husband or myself when he gallops up our 2nd story flight of stairs like a herd (not a single horse, but a HERD) of wild horses. But when he feels insecure or scared or just wants attention, he comes to me and meows to be picked up and carried like a little baby.

As you can see by the photos, Tashi is calmly presiding over the studio while Sandy B is totally exhausted (but intimately connected) to his work as the supervisor of my henna tattoo painting.

And here is the finished piece, called “Illustrated Woman”:

A day in the studio doesn’t get any better than this!

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